Michael Hershman Cd's And Albulms Concerts


Michael Hershman:

An accomplished musician who performs the world over. 
His smooth melodies and tasteful sax provides the ambience your 
fine establishment will enjoy night after night.You will groove to 
the sounds of Michael Hershman performing with his group of
consumate professionals. Whether it's an Intimate Dinner Setting, 
a Lively Club Atmosphere or a Huge Arena Michael Hershman has The Sound! 
Diverse shows features music from many of today's and yesterday's artists 
as well as his own original compositions.

Michaels current release "Under covers" is getting major airplay nationally and internationally!

Michael was featured on jazz matrix.com/The Mark Stanley Show for the month of May...
Enjoy Michael's latest release...

Musical Director of Orchestral Accompiament/Lead Sax:
• Joan Rivers
• Tony Robbins
• The Temptations
• The Coasters
• The Drifters
Has performed or toured with:
• Eddy Higgins
• Ike Turner
• The Chiffons
• Tower of Power Rythym Section
• The 3 Sounds
• Rosamary Butler of Jackson Browne
• Peter Tork of the Monkees
• Larry "Fuzzy Knight" Spirit
• Jose Santos Cartel, Salsa/Latin/Jazz
• DeBarge

Performances & Locations of Interest:
• Euro-American Tour - Ike Turner
• ESPN - Featured at several Rose Bowl parties
• Sea of Japan Tour
• House of Blues - Sunset Strip
• B.B. Kings - Sunset Strip
• Paradisio - Amsterdam
• Peer R&B Fest - Belgium
• "Funkfest" KACE 103.9 - L.A.
• Blues Cruise - KLON 88.9 - L.A.
• Bite of Seattle
• Taste of Tacoma
• Tangueray Gin Promotional Band
• Blues & Brews - KPLU 88.5
• Experience Music Project


 Michael Hershman is very talented & a great performer" Rachel Johnson 

 "... This humble man is very talented & a fabulous performer " Gwendolyn Stence Rock The Dock-Dick Street Landing 

"I've enjoyed listening to your music in preparation for mastering your CD. In my 11 years of mastering I'd say in this music
because of your playing ability, compositions, tonal quality and basic good feel. I think contemporary jazz is ready for a new
artist." John Vestman, Vestman Mastering 

 "Mike is one of the greatest horn players I've heard." Ike Turner, Ike Turner Revue 

 "Art is meant to stir emotions. Michaels art does just that. Its blend  of smooth moments coupled with movements that make you want to
dance  and listening to him a treat.The added plus of watching him perform  blends his talent with his obvious feeling for music" Jack Terranova 

 "Michael Hershman is a remarkable talent! He can repeatedly achieve  whatever musical goals that may lie ahead, again and again he is a major  player
in the "industry" with a lick of sense on the opportunity to  mine the gold lying there in wait."Doug Mackey, Music Editor Tacoma  Weekly 

 "The music was perfect" - Joan Rivers 

 "Michael Hershman is the best saxophone player that I've ever heard and I love his CD." Stephan W

"Michael  is a fabulous saxophonist and a great composer. His appeal to the  audience is astounding." Armen Rominov, Tour Manager Sea of Japan Tour